When looking for bag in box filling companies to work with, you cannot go wrong when choosing David Berryman Ltd. to team up with.

No matter if you want to pack your product into a bottle, keg or a bag in a box system, we have the knowledge, equipment and flexibility to support your drink production.

Our line can hot fill into both tapped and untapped bags, so you only need to let us know which production method you prefer and we can fill to your specification.

Your drink is contained within a sealed bag, the bag can have an air-tight plastic tap welded into it. The bag of drink is then placed in a box which has a hole cut into it for the tap to be pushed through and the drink dispensed from the tap.

The original design for the bag in a box drink was patented in 1935 by Renmark, a winery in South Australia. Later on, in 1967 another Australian inventor designed, created and patented the plastic tap dispenser to use directly with bag-in-box drinks.

The benefits of bag-in-box drinks packaging

If the first thoughts that springs to mind are boxed wines, then yes, bag in box packaging for wines is a very popular option these days, especially when you realise that wine box sales have shot up 300% since lockdown began.

Purists may scoff at the thought of drinking boxed wine, but consumers are turning to this option for more than just an economical way to purchase wine. It's more about the price and convenience.

While David Berryman Ltd. doesn't produce bag-in-box wine, we do supply high-alcohol cocktails in a box, which is the ultimate in convenience for purchasing in bulk, low-cost transportation and easy storage.

With more people working from home than ever before, it can be easy to have a bag in a box drink chilling in the fridge ready to drink after a day at work. It is a also a convenient way to enjoy a few cocktails at home without the need to leave the house and go to a bar to have them made for you.

Cocktails in a box are also great for Christmas and New Year parties, office parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties and corporate events.

Also, having a bag in a box drink is better than having a bottled drink if you are trying to regulate your alcohol consumption. People are more tempted to finish off a whole bottle of alcohol, whereas, with a boxed drink, you are only going to be tempted to have a glass or two and leave rest in the fridge for another day.

Bear in mind that bag-in-box drinks are also much easier to fit in the fridge than round glass bottles, so you don't need to worry about playing fridge Jenga with bottles, jars, cartons and packets.

Bag in box drinks are more eco-friendly

Despite the convenience and cost-effectiveness of boxed drinks, they actually carry less of a carbon footprint than their glass bottle alternatives. Plus, when it comes to preserving the quality of your drink, bag-in-box drinks keep fresher for longer, although not indefinitely.

One of the main reasons people are choosing to buy more bag in a box drinks is for their environmental benefits. For more mindful consumers, the idea of buying bag-in-box drinks can make them feel better about drinking more environmentally friendly products.

Bag-in-box drinks are much lower in cost to produce, transport, store and easy to drink right from the bag, making them cost-effective, greener, and highly convenient for modern drinks consumers.

Although glass bottles are 100% recyclable, they are quite energy-intensive to produce, so choosing to use plastic and cardboard means drinks are much less energy-intensive to manufacture and the cardboard box, and in most cases, the plastic bag, can be recycled.

Longer life and freshness

Because of the air-tight seal between the bag and tap, the bagged drink suffers less oxidation, which means a longer life. This means that the drink can be kept for weeks after opening without the taste being affected, but most drinks from a bottle should be consumed within a matter of hours or a couple of days if you don't want the taste to degrade.

Once opened, bottled drinks doesn't last more than a day or two or in prime condition, but the idea of being able to keep a large box of drink in the fridge and taking an occasional glass sounds more ideal than opening a whole bottle when you only fancy one drink.

Instead of feeling the need to finish off a whole bottle to prevent it losing it's flavour or going to waste, having the option to store a boxed drink in the fridge potentially for weeks could not only lead to people drinking less but also enjoying the fresh taste of the drink for much longer.

Lower transport costs and emissions

Cardboard boxes and plastic bags are much lighter than glass bottles, so when it comes to transportation, they cost a lot less per millilitre to transport. The lighter weight also results in reduced fuel consumption, fewer carbon emissions and less strain on lorry engines.

For drinks manufacturers thinking about switching to bag-in-box packaging, it would mean a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the equivalent impact on the environment of retiring many thousands of cars.

Also, If drink makers don't need to pay for glass bottles, then their production costs can be vastly reduced by switching to a bag-in-box solution. Those savings can be used to either boost their bottom line, invested in better equipment, or passed on to the consumer.

Find out more about our bag-in-box packaging solutions as well as the other packaging systems we offer. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs.

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