At David Berryman Ltd. we offer a bag-in-box drink packaging service that can fill your drink product into both tapped and untapped bags, whichever best suits your needs. All you need to do is to tell us which you prefer and we will quickly and efficiently fill to your individual specifications.

We are one of only a very few UK-based bag-in-box filling companies that offer the flexibility and adaptability to work with such an innovative and sustainable drinks packaging solution and offer them to smaller drink producers that may not be able to afford the very large minimum run requirements required by larger drink packaging companies.

Our bag-in-box filling and packaging solutions give you the benefit of our many years of expertise in the drinks industry as well as our innovative packaging solutions that are hard to find anywhere else at such a cost-effective price.

Bag-in-box is a sustainable packaging choice

In recent years there has been a huge shift in consumer behaviour for more sustainable, environmentally friendly food and drink packaging. Customer preference has moved towards more eco-friendly, recyclable packaging with a lower carbon footprint for everything from wine, juice, dairy and other drinks to food products in recyclable paper and cardboard packaging.

It also makes a lot of sense for drinks manufacturers to move away from plastic or glass bottles to bag-in-box packaging solutions for many of their drink ranges, especially when dealing with B2B partners operating within the food and drink sector.

There is also less waste involved with choosing a bag-in-box packaging system because the bag is designed to help extend the shelf life of the drink product. As the drink products are vacuum-packed in flexible air-tight bags, the contents are protected from oxidation from exposure to the air, meaning that the drink won't go off as quickly or need to be thrown away.

The cardboard box packaging is completely recyclable just about everywhere in the UK through local domestic refuse collection services where cardboard is collected and sent off for recycling at UK based paper mills, where they are broken down into pulp and used to make new cardboard products.

Ease of use and space-saving benefits

Bag-in-Box drink products are easier to stack and store and don't waste any space. Because of their shape they are also more stable than round bottles and do not roll away or smash should there be an accident in your storage area.

If you choose a bag with a tap fixture, you can be confident that each bag and tap has been designed to preserve the freshness of the liquid inside, and the vacuum-pack bag and a tap design that prevents air from entering the bag means your drink will remain uncontaminated by anything carried in the air.

As the external box packaging protects your drink product from light and the internal bag from external impacts, choosing a bag-in-box packaging solution for your drink products makes them more robust to knocks and impacts during movement and transportation.

Depending on the drinks market sector you are targeting, the type of drink product you make, and your dispensing choice, we have the flexibility to provide the perfect solution that will fit your drink project needs.

What are the benefits of bag-in-box packaging?

As any food or drinks manufacturer knows, their business would be nowhere without their end customers. Using a bag-in-box packaging solution makes a lot of sense for a B2B drink producer for its economy and efficiency.

However, for drink manufactures aiming their products at the retail market and selling direct to consumers, choosing a bag-in-box option is a good choice for so many reasons, including:

· Being consumer-friendly - easy to carry, use and store

· Logistic optimization - great savings in transportation and storage costs due to cost-efficient, lightweight packaging format

· Attractive environmental benefits - effective product waste reduction, lightweight materials with a low carbon footprint

· Visually attractive - an effective way to raise awareness and promote your product and brand name

Although using glass bottles for drinks is good because glass is recyclable, glass is also very energy-intensive to make, so using bag-in-box packaging instead is much less energy-intensive to create and use, and in most places both the cardboard box and plastic bag can be recycled.

Bag-in-Box drinks revival fuelling sales

One of the many reasons for the new trend and rise in popularity of bag in a box drinks is the environmental and cost benefits of producing, transporting, storing and the ease of drinking directly from a bag in a box in your own home. But it's not only the eco-friendly idea surrounding bag-in-box drinks that are popular with consumers these days.

The original bag-in-box concept was patented back in 1935, but back then it was mostly used for boxing fresh wine to drink right away, but now consumers can choose a whole range of drinks to pour straight from a chilled box sitting neatly in their fridge.

As with a lot of modern-day cultures, old ideas, such as bag-in-box drinks, get rediscovered and have a new makeover to make them chic and in demand once again. It is no coincidence that trendy hipsters are heavily fuelling the revival of bag-in-box drinks and bringing them into the spotlight to be appreciated and enjoyed by the masses.

If you are looking for a professional bag-in-box drink packaging company, look no further than David Berryman Ltd. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your needs.

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