With David Berryman Ltd., you can develop your own fully personalised fruit preparation or signature fruit-flavoured sauce to use with your food products.

Our company has been supplying some of the UK's largest food manufacturers for years and if you have ever eaten a food product that contains a fruit blend or sauce, it most likely came from us! Our prepared fruit blends can be found in a wide range of food products including yoghurts, ice cream and baked goods.

We pride ourselves on our innovative fruit blending services and our creations are not only used in commercial food products but our fruit preparations also help to save lots of time for busy chefs working in industrial level kitchens.

With our helpful products, companies that own and operate cafe and restaurant chains get to save time, money and reduce waste in their operations because our ready-prepared fruit products make portion control very easy.

Premium quality bespoke fruit blends

We are proud to operate our very own AA Graded BRC factory where we can work with you to develop your own bespoke-recipe prepared fruit blend or fruit sauce for use in your food production.

No matter whether you are looking to develop a new ice-cream range, yoghurt flavour, a fruit-filled pie crust, or fruity topping for a range of pastries or cheesecakes, we can help!

Our range of prepared fruit products can be adapted to suit all areas of the food manufacturing, dairy or catering industry. We offer a wide range of high-quality fruit preparations at competitive prices.

Whether you already have a flavour combination in mind, or you don't quite know what fruit blends will pair together well, our team of developers are on hand to help you perfect your recipe and even help you to test the results of your fruit preparation to make sure they turn out as you hoped.

We can help to elaborate on the concept and implement your ideas in a timely and cost-effective manner. Over the years we have worked with many leading food brands to develop new and exciting lines or to expand on their well-established lines to create unique variations of consumers favourite food products.

Our team will work with you to create a new, signature flavour, or expand on what you already make, whilst still following legislative requirements.

Fruit-filled food products are in great demand

There is no denying that fruit is having its day in the sun at the moment as more consumers are demanding healthier options when buying food, and are actively seeking out food products with high fruit content for their health and immune-boosting properties.

The demand for 'fruit-filled everything' from consumers is creeping into all sectors of the food and drink industry, even with popular ready to drink milkshake brands seeing sales of fruit-flavoured milkshakes outperforming best-selling flavours such as chocolate and vanilla.

Sales of immune-boosting shot drinks that are packed with fruit and herbs such as ginger, echinacea and turmeric are going through the roof too, so if you were looking to get in on this market, David Berryman Ltd. can also help you with sourcing the best quality fresh fruit juices, juice concentrates and fruit purees you need to develop your fruit-based shot-drinks range.

The bakery sector is also seeing sales skyrocket for immune-boosting fruit bars that contain a tasty combination of cereals and fruit that people can carry with them wherever they go and pull out of their handbag or pocket for a healthy snack when they need it.

Sales of fruit-filled bars, cakes and pastries are increasing while sales of traditional chocolate bars and biscuits are declining as people are seeking out healthier snacks that contain fruit.

Even meal replacement drinks are getting an overhaul. Traditionally, these drinks are made from a blend of oats, nuts, fruit and veg, but consumers are now asking the manufacturers for more fruit-based drink sachets for the extra vitamin and mineral boost.

Sports drink sales boost

With a population now with an increased focus on their health, more people than ever have been taking up regular exercise, and along with it, a demand for sports drinks has risen in line. However, what we are seeing is that almost a third of people (29%) are consuming more functional foods and beverages in 2020 than in previous years.

The increased demand for healthy sports drinks that contain more fruit and less added sugar is thought to be in response to heightened fears around people's health and wellness in the current climate.

Now what people are reaching for pre and post-workout are sports drinks that offer immune-boosting benefits. The sports drinks industry is seeing a spike in demand for drinks that contain immune-boosting natural ingredients, such as fruits with added herbs and spices such as turmeric, ginger and apple cider vinegar.

A consumer report from The Hartman Group found that consumers were choosing food and drinks that contained ingredients for immunity and general prevention with more natural products being used in the formulation rather than being overloaded with sugar.

High quality prepared fruit suppliers

With a predicted long-term trajectory of immune-boosting food and drinks as an area of interest for consumers, food and drink manufacturers need to rely on a source of ingredients for their products that will meet with their customer's high expectations.

As one of the UK's leading professional prepared fruit suppliers, David Berryman Ltd is here to help you with all of your fruit preparation needs. If you are planning on bringing new fruit-based foods or drinks to market, we are the best partner you could rely on to help you get your new line developed and shelf-ready.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your fruit prep needs. We are here to help!

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