Bringing a new drink or drink line to market can be an exciting project. If you have an idea for a new drink that you are sure no one has already created and marketed, then you could be launching yourself a new career as a drinks entrepreneur.

Many things make a new drink product successful, including branding, promotion and advertising. Many leading drinks manufacturers will spend a fortune developing the right name, image and feel around a new drink product, so be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into this stage of your drink development if you want it to become a success.

Through the correct type of marketing, you can raise awareness of your new drink. Create clever promotions to entice people into trying your drink and try a combination of approaches to reach your target audience.

You should include a broad range of marketing, including direct mail, social media, email, and person-to-person marketing, with free sample giveaways at live events.

But wait. Before we start to get away with ourselves in how you are going to promote and market your new drink, have you thought about the actual drink production process to give you a physical product to sell?

Seeking help with your drink development

David Berryman Ltd. is one of the UK's leading bottle filling companies that is ideal for your drink development. With our help, you will be able to get your new drink concept off the paper and into reality.

While we are a leading bottle filling company that works with many own-label drink companies, we can also fill your drinks into bottles, kegs, bag in a box, or cans. Depending on your needs, we can hot fill into both tapped and untapped bags. No matter who your target audience is for your new drink or drink range, our drink packaging solutions can cover all of your bases.

Flexible drink bottling options

If you are looking to produce a bottled drink with a long shelf life, then we can supply hot-filled products to help with this. We can also provide you with cold filled bottles and can work with you if you have a style or design of bottle in mind for your new drink.

We can also provide sleeved or labelled bottles, depending on your needs. If you are unsure which option is the most suitable for your new drink, you can work with our team to test this through small-batch factory trials to help you determine the best choice for your product.

We are part of The British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association, so you know your new drink development will be in the safest of hands. You simply cannot get this level of flexibility or help from traditional large-scale commercial drink bottling companies.

Most of these companies don't work with entrepreneurs and will only accept drink runs of multiple thousand bottles at a time. Not great if you are still in the tweaking and testing stage of your drink development.

Prepared fruit suppliers

David Berryman Ltd is also one of the country's leading prepared fruit suppliers. This means we supply prepared fruit products directly to the food, drink and dairy manufacturing sectors. We create fruit sauces, compote and coulis used in ice cream, yoghurt and baked goods.

Our prepared fruit products include fresh and concentrated fruit juice and fruit-based flavour compounds used to create many popular drinks currently on the market.

By working with our New Product Development Team, you will be able to develop and perfect your new drink recipe and fulfil your dream of becoming a drinks entrepreneur.

We can help blend your choice of fruit juices with flavour compounds to bring your drink idea to life. If you haven't yet perfected your drink recipe or are unsure if your flavour combination will work in real life, then our team can work with you on this.

Developing your brand

It is essential to develop your drink brand before launching your new product. Your drink brand will become your company identity, so it is vital to get this right from day one.

Your drink brand, the way you present your bottle, how you label or wrap it etc., will directly affect how consumers will perceive your drink and, ultimately, if they will pick it up off the shelf or leave it behind.

When working with David Berryman Ltd., your drink will be developed using years of industry skill, knowledge and expertise. The high-quality fruit-based products we supply for your drink will greatly help you create a drink where you want to promote its health benefits.

Deliver on quality and taste

How your customers perceive your drink will help set it apart from other available brands. Your bottle choice and label design are crucial but don't forget that what will ultimately keep your customers coming back for more will be the quality and taste of the drink you create.

Ideally, you want to strike the right balance between offering a high-quality drink product and effective marketing to your target audience. If you are brand new to the world of drink manufacturing, then the best decision you can make is to partner up with David Berryman Ltd.

Not only can you source the very best high-quality fruit-based juices and compounds for your drink, but we can help you perfect your drink recipe, packaging and labelling to create a winning drink product.

Why not contact us today to discuss your needs. Our team are here to help!

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