At David Berryman we are not only here to offer you a range of fruit-based ingredients, fruit juices and purees, but also to offer help and advice to anyone wanting to know more about this industry. Read on to find out more about the basics in fruit juice manufacturing and what it takes to achieve the end product we are able to offer our customers.

Selecting and preparing the chosen fruits or vegetables

  • At this stage, you can choose what fruits or vegetables you want to go into your juice
  • It is important to check that the fruit and vegetables you are using are ripe and not damaged in any way.
  • The first stage is when you also remove any stones, seeds or peel that is not needed.

Extracting the juice

  • This process can vary depending on the type of fruit that we are manufacturing. For example, apples can simply be pressed whereas mangoes, strawberries etc must be pulped in order for the juice to be extracted.

Filtering the juice

  • This is an optional part of the process depending on the customer. If a clear juice is desired then filtering is needed to achieve this.

Batch preparation

  • This is the stage in which other ingredients such as sugar or syrup is added in order to add sweetness or other flavours to the juice.


  • The fruit juice is then pasteurised at around 80-85 degrees Celsius before being bottled.

Filling and Bottling

  • The juice is then filled and put into clean and sterilised bottles.
  • If you want to find out more about our bottling service visit the bottling page on our website -

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