When returning from a long haul to Asia, after delivering a speech titled “reasons to be cheerful”, which was all about the positives in the struggling world of fruit ingredient suppliers; we decided that this blog post would be our inspirational list of the fruit ingredient suppliers “reasons to be cheerful”.

David discussed how the fruit ingredients industry could offer a far more healthy option to the current marketplace, which is saturated with sugary drinks, and how new product development is the way forward.

We can happily turn our hand to making fruit juice blends and fruit sauces, and at David Berryman, we are proactive in creating new fruit juice blends and flavours. Making New flavours is creative, fun and increases the product range and therefore the fruit juice or fruit sauce offering.

“As much as 40% of new juice and soft drinks found in UK supermarkets have their origins in our laboratory”

That is a very big reason to be cheerful.

Harvest Time

This is the time of year when we can expect to harvest a few different fruits, such as Guava, Lychee and Passion Fruit.

At the same time, we have moved on from harvesting other fruits such as Blackberry, Elderberry, Fig, Kiwi, Plum and Rhubarb.

Not only do we have new fruits to blend into new and exciting flavour combinations, but it also gives us a new aroma and colour scheme (very cheery). We bring the seasons indoors and our freshly created fruit juice blends and fruit sauces are seasonal too.

Frozen Fruity Desserts

Fruit preparations for the ice cream, yoghurt and desserts industry sector is starting to fly as people have been spending their hard earned money on eating in rather than eating out, and spending a bit more on the little luxuries in life.

Mixed in with the ice-cream or frozen yoghurt in tubs, or sold in bottles ready to squeeze on top, new and exciting fruit sauces are being developed and selling very well.

Fruity Beverages

When we think about Fruit sauces and Fruit ingredients, often we do not think past what the fruit looks like, yet we find our fruits and zests in other ingredients such as tea and biscuits, cakes and even mulled cider. lemon zest and in particular orange zest are great to use in the most unusual of products, and with Christmas not that far away, a warming glass of mulled wine with orange zest is just the ticket.

The opportunities for new product development are endless, with the right Fruit Ingredient supplier and with nearly 30 years of creative development experience, we firmly believe David Berryman is the right fruit ingredient supplier!

Contact us now to speak to one of our Product Development team by emailing info@davidberryman,co.uk or calling 01582 873636

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