Canning Services: The soft drinks sector is a very competitive marketplace, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur looking to launch your very first drink invention.

The UK drinks market has seen many innovators and disruptors over recent years, so it makes sense to take inspiration from these pioneers to jump in and launch your own drink line. Growing names such as Brewdog and Innocent Smoothies have shown us that despite drinks being big business, there is still room for more!

In fact, if you want to make waves in what some consider to be an over-saturated sector, creating a niche drink may be the way to establish a new drink business. There is a great thirst for new, non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks in a post-covid world where consumers are becoming more health-conscious about their choices.

With the boom in popularity of low-sugar, low-alcohol hard-seltzers in recent years, consumer trends are leaning towards healthy, naturally sweetened drinks that are not chocked full of artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners.

Plan your way to success

While there is plenty of room on the shelf for your new drink, it will still take some careful planning to develop, trial and launch your new drink or drink line.

From sourcing the best drink ingredients at the most cost-effective prices to experimenting with the recipe to perfect your drink, and not forgetting your product logo and branding development, there is a lot to think about before you can launch a new drink product.

Is the aim of your new drink or drink range to complement healthy consumer lifestyles? If so, it is essential that you plan to source and use the finest quality ingredients, such as is offered by David Berryman Ltd.

Plan to meet the rules and regulations for starting a drinks company

If you are planning to launch an alcoholic drink or drinks range, then you will be subject to more rules and regulations than if you choose to create and launch a non-alcoholic drink product line.

Alcoholic drinks are subject to a range of health and safety issues and excise regulations where you will need to deal with HMRC and hire a tax adviser to ensure you comply with your duties and pay the correct taxes.

For those looking at launching a non-alcoholic drink, if you are targeting the health market, you need to be careful about any claims you make for your new health drink. It can be tricky when you want to promote your drink as being healthy, but you need to be able to back up any health claims you make on your drink packaging or marketing with hard evidence.

It can be immensely helpful to read the rules established by the Food Standards Agency, which has plenty of help and guidance about labelling your new drink or drink range, as well as health claims and ingredient safety.

Once you have got your ingredient sourcing planning and labelling legislation out of the way, you can move on to other considerations for your new drink development.

Cost-effective packaging and trial runs

Inventing a new drink or range of drinks goes further than developing the recipe. It would help if you considered how to package and deliver your drink to your ideal customer.

Many solo drink entrepreneurs cannot afford the costs associated with a multi-thousand can run with a commercial drink canning company. In most cases, the large UK drink canning companies work with commercial companies, producing runs of tens of thousands of cans, and they would point-blank refuse to work with a new drink entrepreneur looking to do a small test run of drink cans for testing and sampling purposes.

Independent, niche drink creators need to be thrifty with their budget and cannot afford to blow their entire start-up money on a multi-thousand can run of an untested drink. This is where David Berryman Ltd. comes in!

Micro-canning services from David Berryman Ltd.

To help you avoid spiralling costs and unnecessary spending on trialling and testing your new drink product, our team at David Berryman Ltd. offer a micro-canning service where we can fill a small run of cans. This will enable you to do a test run and a controlled trial of your new drink.

If you are new to the drinks market, we can even help you perfect your drink recipe with the aid of our in-house drink development team. You can also source all the high-quality, cost-effective fruit-based ingredients you need for your drink or range of drinks from us, making it a very effective way to develop, perfect and launch your new drink to the market.

It is your choice how much or how little professional assistance you want from us. We can help you develop your new drink or simply pack your finished drink product into cans for you. We will arrange for integrity testing and micro testing to ensure that your product will meet your shelf life requirements.

No matter whether you are thinking of launching a new fruit-based breakfast drink, a hydrating post-workout drink, a coffee-based energy-boosting drink to give people a lift in the afternoon, or a refreshing hard-seltzer for a chilled-out evening, working with David Berryman Ltd. for your drink development and micro-canning needs can help you achieve your dreams of becoming an innovative drinks entrepreneur.

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