For anyone in the drinks business that is looking at expanding their range, it makes a lot of sense to consider adding some hard seltzer products, not only because of their popularity but because they are a pretty straightforward drink to produce.

To put it simply, hard seltzers are nothing more than a combination of carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavourings. There are so many options open to you to create a range of bespoke flavoured hard seltzers, especially if you work with our new drink development team at David Berryman Ltd. to formulate and test your ideas.

Developing a hard seltzer range for many UK drink manufacturers can give them a winning edge in the drinks marketplace. Hard seltzers can be an excellent way for new drink producers to build their brand recognition and target a hungry audience looking for something different from traditional beers and ales to drink.

Boost your bottom line and build your brand

Did you know that hard seltzers didn't exist before 2015? This popular drink has taken a massive 2.6 per cent market share of all alcoholic drinks sold in the US alone in just a few short years. According to International Wine and Spirit Research, this figure is predicted to triple over the next two years.

When you see top brand names such as Pepsi and Coke and leading beer brands jumping into the marketplace, you should notice. There are still plenty of opportunities for smaller drink producers to boost their sales with hard seltzers, especially in the UK and European drink markets.

Many major drink producers that have dominated the market for decades have been taken aback by the sudden popularity of hard seltzers. Part of the reason for its rising popularity is that this drink ticks so many desirable boxes for the younger generation of drinkers.

A perfect drink for health-conscious consumers

There are so many positive reasons for the younger generation to turn away from traditional beer and larger and towards hard seltzers. Many younger drinkers are more health-conscious than previous generations and care more about what they are putting into their bodies.

Compared to many alcoholic drinks, hard seltzers are gluten-free, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-carb, and low-alcohol. A typical serving of hard seltzer contains around 5% ABV, 90-110 calories and zero to 4 g of sugar. This is an ideal drink for anyone following a low-carb or keto diet that is so popular today, where people avoid consuming gluten, grains and added sugar.

Millennials are also the first generation in a long time actively trying to cut down on their alcohol consumption. This has also spurred on the popularity of hard seltzer sales, with millennials seeking out low or zero-alcohol drinks, a category expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.

There has also been a sharp rise in people avoiding gluten for health reasons, including switching to drinks that don't rely on fermenting grains for their alcohol source. The alcohol used in hard seltzers is made using grain-free spirits that are naturally gluten-free.

Budget-friendly flavour variety

Hard seltzers also appeal to those that need to be careful with their budget. They are on the cheaper end of the market than most other alcoholic drinks but don't carry the 'cheap and cheerful image that many low-cost beers and cider brands have.

Because there can be an infinite amount of flavour combinations you can come up with, your customers will never get bored with your brand if you offer a variety of hard seltzer products in your range.

Brand loyalty is a big thing with drink producers. If customers like one of your drinks, they will be more inclined to try other drinks from your range. Relying on more than just one beer drink for your company's success isn't a winning formula these days.

The alcoholic drink market is a very competitive place, and putting all of your eggs into one basket doesn't work as well as it did a hundred years ago when there were not as many players to compete with.

These days, consumers expect more variety from their drinks, and hard seltzers appeal to those who want to try something new. People also like to have a drink that can satisfy their sweet tooth without loading them up with sugar.

They often find beer too bitter tasting and cocktails too sweet, so hard seltzers are perfect because they are refreshing, low in alcohol, and low in sugar but have just the right level of sweetness from the natural fruit they contain.

Develop your hard seltzer products with David Berryman Ltd.

For any UK-based drink manufacturer thinking of launching a range of hard seltzer products, then working with our drinks development team at David Berryman Ltd. is a sensible move.

We are one of the leading fruit preparation suppliers to the UK food and drink industries. We work with small and large manufacturers supplying their essential fruit-based ingredients, including fruit preps, coulis, sauces, glazes, toppings, fruit juice concentrates and purees.

We have an in-house, dedicated new drink development team that works closely with UK-based drink manufacturers looking to develop and test new drink recipes to bring to market.

We also offer a range of own-label packaging solutions, including canning, bottling, keg and bag in a box options. We are very used to meeting our client's needs and pride ourselves on delivering an end-to-end service that starts with an idea on paper and ends with a viable, marketable drink product.

Need tips on choosing your Hard Seltzer Drink Flavours?

Contact us at David Berryman Ltd. for more information about how we can help you develop your hard seltzer products.

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