Packaging Formats

We can offer our range of products in any size from 3 KG to Road tanker, the options available are flexible and can even be batch sized to help further efficiencies.

Our facility can offer in house aseptic packaging or we can offer a non-aseptic chilled/frozen service.

Our deep frozen and temperature controlled facilities, where we keep hundreds of tons of fruity items, are probably the largest of their kind in the UK.

Please just let us know what we can do...

Packaging Format Typical Weights
Bag in Box (Aseptic) 3 - 20kg
Pail 10 - 20kg
Jerrycan 5 - 25kg
Drum (Aseptic) 175 - 275kg
Pallecon (Aseptic) 1000 - 1350kg
Tanker 22,000kg

Packaging Formats